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Denver-based performing songwriter Vincent Colbert uses music to explore the beauty and complexity of the human story. According to the UK-based blog ‘For Folk’s Sake,’ Colbert’s music is “a lovely mixture of melody, a fragile yet authoritative voice, and astute summing up of the uncertainties of life.”

Colbert doesn’t shy away from the hard topics of pain, addiction, depression, and spiritual displacement, but he doesn’t dwell there too long. Rays of light always shine through. His memorable vocal hooks, relatable lyrical themes, and lush and organic productions provide a place of solace for listeners.

Colbert began collaborating with friends and family at a young age, writing his first songs as early as age 14. “I was drawn to music really early on,” explains Colbert. “Even at a young age I realized how it could impact people’s lives in a profound and positive way, and it’s always been my hope that my music would do that for others.”